Posted on: September 5, 2017

Take Your Brain For a Walk with Traipse


With cooler temperatures approaching, Suffolk Tourism reminds you to check out Traipse, a free smart phone app that combines a scavenger hunt, tour and discounts for a fun, family-friendly adventure. It showcases historic landmarks, parks and local businesses throughout Suffolk and can be downloaded at the App Store or through Google Play.

Upon downloading the Traipse app, users will discover a variety of Suffolk stops to investigate. Each Traipse stop features location-specific background, a challenge with a riddle or puzzle to solve. Solve the riddle, enter the solution and Traipse will respond accordingly. Hints are available if needed. Upon completing the challenge, additional facts about the location appear, as well as any promotional offers available at the participating site.

Traipse puzzles are location-dependent. Solutions can only be found when users are physically present at Traipse stops. This new app is an engaging activity for residents and visitors, whether out for a leisurely stroll or working together on a team building exercise. Stops are arranged in tours and once completed, reveal a code word or phrase that can be redeemed at the Suffolk Visitor Center for a Traipse Prize Pack. Download Traipse today and explore Suffolk in a brand new way.

For more information about Traipse, please contact Kevin Sary at the Suffolk Visitor Center, at 757.514.4133 or ksary@suffolkva.us.

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